Smiling Kodiak Circles the Globe


It’s a small world with a plenty of interesting places, some wonderful, some truly awful. Smiling Kodiak, an American living in Australia, views each of them as a unique piece to our global puzzle.

Smiling Kodiak Circles the Globe brings you along on his most recent dash around the planet –kicking and screaming, laughing and crying.  He attacks sixteen cities – Shanghai, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amboise, Blois, Paris, New York, Montreal, Kingston (Ontario), Toronto, Boston, Bar Harbor (Maine), Raleigh, Vancouver, before getting a wisp of Los Angeles and retreating back home to Melbourne. None of them will ever be the same — and neither will you.

Smiling Kodiak Circles the Globe is no guidebook. It provides insights and anecdotes that you may find hilarious, shocking, offensive, poignant, bizarre – perhaps all of the above. But travel isn’t about where you go or how you get there, it’s about what unfolds.